Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hard day's night...

...and I've been workin' like a dog... course I don't really mind it when it is making lovelies!  I've been busy in the studio the past couple three weeks using up some scraps & making cards to help me with my resolution of "no more piles 2013".  Anyone else have one of those?  I've not been very successful to date, but maybe it is not so much about the end result as it is just about being intentional about not letting it sit there all year.  Ya know?  Anyway, when I am done, it should be around 80 cards.  And yes, some of them have been cut out & folded for over 1 year.  Sad.  It's a crime against patterned paper.  But I'm excited to see it get done.  Whatever I have left, if they are good sized scraps, will be going to my boy's elementary school.  It is usually what I do with it.  I also share with my SIL too.  Spread the love, I say!

I've been sick for a few days, so my momentum has been slow, at best.  Which has caused another pile to be formed.  Sigh... Memorabilia.  I have most of 2012 printed out (of my pictures) and those need to be sorted and then filed in my LOM binders.  That is always fun & it is a good stroll down memory lane.

Earlier this year, I packaged up about 30 page kits - pictures, papers & a sketch or magazine article I wanted to use.  That is now a "get creative & do it" pile, but it used up a "one of these days I'm going to use it" pile.  So that is good, right?

So I'm hoping the end results of these piles (cause I didn't even mention the pile of "oh yea, I want to make that/design something like that" pile) should mean lots of yummy goodness for you all too, right?

Go check out your own piles & share with me what you've got!