Saturday, July 13, 2013

Mini Album Share - Flex Term

When I was a freshman in college I went we took a show on tour for our Flex Term class.  We delayed ours to August, however, instead of doing it during the traditional May timeframe.
The book I used was an old Microsoft marketing pamphlet.  I liked the spiral bind of it.  The pages are glossy, so getting glue to adhere was a bit of an issue.  I would recommend sanding or some other type of scuffing to get some tooth first.

 This is what it looked like...

 I started by laying out the pages and making sure I had enough of everything.  All the pictures I took with my old 110 camera.  This was 25 years ago now (1988).

 Here is the cover, Junkitz papers, 7 Gypsies tape many different letters.

 The left side is a pocket to hold my paraphanalia from the trip.

 We got to go to Tony Paco's when we were in Cleveland.  Jamie Farr used to talk about that place on MASH all the time!

 Some of the pages I cut in half just to make it fun.

 On the right is a write-up one of the churches did of our show.
 This is just some journaling for me.  My printer will print out ruled paper, which I love!
The back cover.  It was such a fun trip, I am so glad i finally have the memories captured and written down in a book!