Saturday, October 24, 2009

class kits

wow, i'm even a couple days early.  i've been working on it off & on for so many days, last night i finally said "i just need to put it together and so i started working on it.

first, the creative mess that i work in.....

i selected 12 pictures and matched them up to the elements i wanted them to go on and trimmed to the approximate correct size.  then i used gel medium to adhere the pieces together.  since this will be handled a lot (and has been already) i wanted something that was strong and that i could get to the edge.  i had a bit of trouble with that, but compensated as i needed to.

once everything was glued down (and by the way, i thought i had it 3 times, and each time i found something else, so i actually washed my brush and put the gel medium away 3 times!  can you tell it was getting late?!) then it was time to punch everything to bind it.  now my hope for this was (and i had practiced on a scrap piece of paper) was that the left side of the cover (which is actually 1 big 12" strip) would have the spiral binding and that i could get it deep enough into the punch to get 2 rows of holes (one column on each side of the fold).  well, i didn't think about it being much thicker due to the paper & photo.  it fit in, but not far enough, so i was left with 1 column of holes.  now the comb will just fall out.  i was pretty upset & good thing the boys were in bed as I did not have good words to say.  but being the trooper that i am, i worked, and worked and worked to find something that would work and still allow my original idea to come through.  well, i couldn't do it.  ended up the whole thing was so thick the cover on the left side couldn't fold properly.  well, now what to do?  i ended up leaving the right side as a fold around, but cutting the left side just enough to remove the holes, and then re-punching the back & front for the comb.  not exactly what i had planned, but still good. so here's the finished goods....

I could still do my original idea of using velcro for the closure, that was cool and repunching didn't hurt the rub-on, which was another thing to be grateful for.

the left side is a find from my parent's attic, it is a very lovely time card. not even the kind that goes in a machine, but one you hand write on.  thought it was lovely for journaling. the right is part of a task list my printer can print automatically.  like the check boxes!

my printer also does notebook paper, this one is wide-ruled.

this lady is from a women's retreat we had a couple years ago.  she cracked me up, the joy lady.  she's wearing her cross-colored (instead of rose-colored) glasses - too funny!  the other side is a clear "cd" what is actually at the top/bottom of a spindle or cake box.  love 'em and yup the comb binder can punch 'em.  if you look at the edge of the rick-rack you can see it better.

bingo card on 1 side, 3 1/2 floppy on the other side.  yup, another great find from my mom's stash. not much else to do with them now.  this took the big bite to punch though.  2 punches overlapping is big enough for the comb.

the right side is grid paper. inside back cover completely do-able and then this also shows the right-side flap, also with some goodness on it.

i realize all the photos are a bit on the warm side, but the paper really is ivory so it goes really nicely with the papers here which is actually a beautiful collection from the paper studio (hobby lobby brand) called della fantasia.  very classy!

so here is a look at the kit contents.  unless you specify otherwise, it will come unassembled and unpunched so that you can put your own creative flair to work.  this kit also will only be available through here, not on etsy.  If you are interested in one, send paypal payment to me for $15 which also covers shipping.  most of my product is in limited quantities so  i will substitute as appropriate.  some of the trims are vintage trims from my mom and I do not have much of it left.

as you can see, tons of ribbon, tons of little fun embellies, it was so much fun to make!

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