Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Slow week in the Studio

Not sure why it's been a slow week in the studio for me, but it has.  Maybe life is just catching up with me this week.  I did, however, finish up 2 small projects that I just posted today.  Green Christmas CoasterZ and Red Christmas CoasterZ  , just click on them they will take you to the shop.  Super-cute for anything, if you ask me!

About 3 months ago (I remember it was still warm!) I brought over all my parents pictures (at least all the ones I could locate & there was almost not enough room for me to fit in the car when I was done!).  I finally last weekend got around to sorting them.  Going to go on a really loose LOM approach with these so that my Mom can look at them & hopefully help her memory a bit.  I will also, only lightly scrap them, so that I can get it done fast.  I'm thinking of using these refill pages by We R Memory Keepers (in various formats, I did not list all the choices they have) thinking this will help get it done faster.  I have pictures from them that date back to the early 1900s, so there are a lot.

In sorting through them, I've discovered they have a lot of duplicates and even triplicates.  They will be offered up to my sibs, but if they do not want them, and if I already have them, then they are going in the trash.  I know, I know, and it pains me to say it, but really, I just don't need 6 copies of dad's incredibly annoying dog....

There is probably a shoebox & a half of negatives.  I'm thinking of pitching the 110s and the 35mms that do not have index prints and/or CDs.  Please don't call 911 and send the sheriff out.... But my thought is, I can just scan the photo if I need a copy.

Things that just totally rocked my little heart... seeing pictures of my dad from the Army, when he was stationed in Korea, pictures of my uncle when he was in Viet Nam, letters to my dad from his brothers when they were in the service (his other brother was in the Army, and his other other brother we don't talk about). Cards from him to my mom that were sappy, cards from my mom to him that were sappy (they were NOT lovey-dovey in front of us) and letters between my grandparents & my mom when she was an exchange student in high school. Pictures of childhood friends when they were babies (because our moms were friends too) and pictures of us as kids.

Things that caused terror and horror.... pictures of all my bad (and I mean really bad!) hairstyles, or lack of style all together, clothing I used to wear that could have been my great-gramma's curtains, or sofa, or ???  Wow, was I ever really that fashion ignorant?!?!

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