Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mini Phone Book

This is a little book I made for Ben back when he was trying to learn people's addresses & phones.  I haven't found an easy way to update it, as it has changed considerably.  A 3 ring might have been better?

He picked out all the papers that he wanted to use.











I think if I did one again, I would just have lined paper on the one side & let him write it, and in a 3 ring.  That way it can be changed/updated & capture his handwriting.


  1. Very cute! I need one like that - so much more fun than boring 'contacts'

  2. Thanks! He still loves it, but like I said, it has changed so much. So I think now I just need to make a new one. Even a small bookmark sized one would be cool too. If you make one, send some .jpgs to me, I'll post it!

  3. So creative..i like the design.