Wednesday, May 8, 2013

News From the Studio

LOM update
I have all my Jan - Oct 2012 pictures sorted into my LOM binders, yea me!  It is always so much fun to see stories coming together, new stories being made, and to get more & more of my life organized.  At least the memories part!  Perhaps that's why it appeals to me so much, I feel like I am putting order to chaos.  That is a huge thing for me.  I have Nov-Dec pictures proofed now, and am just waiting for a sale to print them out. Considering it can take me several months at a time when I do (nearly) a whole year like that, perhaps smaller bites is better!  I can't believe one year I did like 5 years all at one time!  I am also much better at getting papers & other memorabilia in there faster so less piles.  

LO update
I've even gotten like 3 layouts done too!  Go me!  That feels so incredibly good, I can't even describe it.  I date the backs of them when I complete them.  It had been since February!  Now, keep in mind it has been almost a year sometimes.  I don't like going that long, how are the stories ever going to be told if I don't get them told?

Life update
012 had his second band concert last night.  Wow, brought back lots of memories.  It was held in my old high school.

And I'm looking forward to Mother's Day.  How about you?  I think we're going to go up north & just relax!  

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