Saturday, June 22, 2013

News from the Studio

Well, I've made some changes around in this little cottage of mine!  The boys needed a bigger room, with a closet, so I let them take my studio.  Now my studio is the little bedroom off of my room, where they used to be.  While we had them moved out, we built a closet in here, and included a built in desk area.  I painted it a very lovely sea foam green, the closet build is a very crisp white and it complements nicely with the green & dark brown accents that I had before.  However, it is a smaller room, even to start with, so it has been challenging.  I had to give up my old craft table that I got from my mom.  I'm going to have to purge some of my supplies.

I did however, find this very lovely Bretford Book Truck to keep my Library of Memories binders on the bottom 2 shelves.  It had to be this one as the shelves are 13" apart, just big enough for a standard binder to fit.  On the top 2 shelves, I used 4 of these Cropper Hopper vertical paper holders to put all of my patterned paper pads in.  I put them in upside down so that I can flip through them & see the papers.  Some of the binders, and the paper holders hang off the edges a bit, so it is wider than the 18" listed, but it is not enough of an overhang to cause anything to tip.  So far, I am very pleased with it.  Since it is on casters, it makes it incredibly easy to store it & then move it around, if need be.

For those of you who have placed orders, now that I'm back to being mostly functional again, that is my top priority, thanks so much for being patient!

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