Thursday, February 13, 2014

News from the Studio

Oh my has it really been since December!  Wow, well, lots going on around here.  I've been busy, busy, busy actually scrapping my stories, and creating new prettys to share with everyone.  I FINALLY got my Valentine's Day collectionZ posted to the ETSY shop yesterday, I was so thrilled!  I've also been busy uploading photos to have printed out at my local Walgreen's.  I've always loved them, however with the last batch I noticed they were using thinner paper & it makes for flimsy prints.  I've got a HP Photosmart, but I find it doesn't do the color correctly based on what I see on my screen and that is very disappointing!

I have been working on my LOM and have decided I need to start creating title pages, so I've kitted up a bunch for 012's album, and then I'll do 010 before I do mine.  It just feels so good to get these done!  And use up some supplies!  I shudder when I think about how much I have spent over the years!

And just because I can't leave you without a little goodie...
A compilation of several birthdays for my nephew.  Whom I love very much!

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