Monday, October 5, 2015

News from the Studio

Good morning!!  Hope this fine, fall morning greets you well.  Action Items from last post:
  • Stopped working on mom's album page.  I moved 3 rooms of the house around so that we could get better "flow" as the realtor would say.  Now each boy has their own room, but I lost my studio.  I'm now a part of the living room.  Not entirely sure how I feel about this.  It makes it hard to do any work, because I don't want it to look messy.  But maybe it will be worth it in the long run.  I did, however, finally strip down the poster boards from her funeral and get those pictures filed away in the proper categories.  So that is good.  The realtor has encouraged me to reduce the clutter so all 3 of us have been going through things, and it has resulted in 2 trips to the Goodwill hut, and a couple of trash bags, and even some things sold on Amazon.  So I think that is good too.  Just a few touch up items from the move and then he can come out and take new pictures.
  • Started working on my next kit.  Not sure when it will be done for release.
Looking forward
  • Started working on a canvas for my secret sister at church.  She is a delightful lady, and the mom of a good friend of mine from high school.  I'm going to take their last name, and then using those letters, plug in their kid's, kid's spouses, and grandkid's names.  I've sketched it out, with some help from 014 to get the names all in their nicely and it looks a bit like a crossword.  Can't decide if I should do fancy letters, or block.
  • Continue working on new kit
  • Work on a mom page

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