Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The remaining Adorn - It Project

Here is the cover decorated, the christmas came from a mini ornament from hobby lobby.  you can see I took out the binder rings and actually used hemp instead.  on the outside I tied 2 big bows and hung the ornaments from there.

Page 9 with journaling done & the small page that I stamped on actually started out as one of those little acrylic boxes that soaps and stuff come in.  I just unfolded it and cut off the edges. Scallop JournalZ here

Page 10 is a manila envelope that i cut the bottom off of, so i would have the flap end in the book.  since it is bound, nothing will really fall out unless it is small.  You could also glue it shut, i suppose.

Page 11 was some leftover chip. More scallop JournalZ action here too.

Page 12 the journaling is directly on the page/bag.  This one's a kraft colored one.  Felt angel also from Christmas section of Hobby Lobby.

Page 13, I traced the numbers, cool effect, it is more leftover chip (I don't allow anyone I know to discard the good stuff!).  Round JournalZ used.

Another baseball card pocket cut down to just 4x4 here on Page 14.

Page 15 is another white lunch bag.  Journaling is done on a stamp, I believe an Autumn Leaves acrylic set.

I just hand-sketched the number for 16, and the journaling is on the bag again.  The paper #16 is on is "frosted", I guess would be the best description, so erasing pencil is easy, but make sure to use a sharpie so the ink sets well on it.

17 has another former acrylic box page on top, with some Queen & Co. Poinsettia trim on it, gorgeous!  17 is actually made from a red envelope.  Great for tucking little goodies in it.  Oh, and I gotta say, I still love my Making Memories Trinkets!  Scalloped JournalZ used again....

Page 18 is a BingoZ card (backside) with a JournalZ on the bottom.

Here you can see the front side of the bingoZ card.  I did not intend for the backside to be first, but I accidentally punched the wrong side, so then what do you do?!?!

#19 is another 8x8 chip, with a larger JournalZ.
Page 20 has a clock OverlayZ (not available yet unless you email me) on top, i trimmed it to a curve, but you could leave it straight too.  And again, it was just a scrap piece of chipboard I had left over from trimming the other pages.  The journaling is on a shipping tag from Hobby Lobby.  Yes, I'm an HL addict and I'll admit it! lol

I used to be very shy about using my handwriting on anything, lately I've been using it a lot and I have to admit, it is very freeing!  It is also very quick for me, which I like.

Thank you to everyone who has left such wonderful comments for me, it makes a scrapgirl's heart overflow.  Thanks also for being patient with me during my moment of insanity because I overbooked myself.  Luckily, everything is getting done, and everything is OK.


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  1. I just found your blog via Donna Downey's website & I am glad I did.
    Your book is just beautiful. Thanks for sharing it.
    Hope you can check out my blog too.
    I will keep popping in to see your crafty & creative projects for inspiration.