Monday, November 22, 2010

Altered Letter - R

This was a very fun project, I think start to finish, a day.  Most of that time is in drying.  If your kids are into such things, have them help you tear up the paper.  I’ve learned putting all the torn up pieces in a Ziploc is a good way to shake them & get them all mixed up without making too big a mess.  Also, if you have to set it aside during the middle, it helps make speedy cleanup.  After modging all the scraps in place, you’ll want to put another coat on it to seal before attaching your embellishments.  You can’t see, but I also covered the backside.  I’m just like that.  I would sit there & think about how the backside isn’t finished all day if I didn’t do it.  So I did it.  But it’s not a requirement.  Just have fun.  Your kids might even like the modge part.  I like it when it gets all thick & sticky on my fingers, but I’m just like that, kinda weird… ;)  This letter is approximately 24” tall, I got it at Joann’s.  Hobby Lobby doesn’t have the great big ones (at least not the one here) but do have smaller ones if you want something smaller.  Michael’s also sells them.  Not sure how big theirs are.  You could do wood, this one is papier mache.  Again, that is not the important part, the having fun part is…

Papers are Daisy’Ds, French Market I think is the name of the collection.  Flower from dollar store, Prima flowers too, Bazzill Basics Chip toppers, 7 Gypsies stickers, pictures, various buttons & ribbons. NJoy!

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