Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Mini Album Share - MCT Geek Girl

This was  a fun mini album I made for myself a while ago.  In the IT industry, MCT is a Microsoft Certified Trainer, which was my primary focus for a number of years.  Enough that I even got a vanity license plate for it.  Yes, I will not lie, I really was a geek!  Inside are just a couple of Journal BlockZ to detail what you will find, and an IconZ (digital version here) to tie it all together.  From a memorabilia standpoint, it has my certification test results for every test I had to take, class certificates for the ones I had to sit, and student evaluations for the ones I taught.  On the ribbons I pinned some of my lapel pins, A+, MCT, MCSE, and inside there is a trading card page that has my certificate cards in it.  Overall, I think a nice way to remember my career in IT.

 Letters = ChipChatter & Paper Studio
Ribbon = Misc.
Paper = DCWV

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